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101599 | SWEDEN. Gregori Aminoff bronze Medal.

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    101599  |  SWEDEN. Gregori Aminoff bronze Medal. Issued 1977. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of the artist and scientist (45mm, 43.87 g, 12h). By L. Holmgren.


    GREGORI • AMINOFF / NAT • MDCCCLXXXIII • OB • MCMXLVII, bust facing slightly right / SOCIO • MERITISSIMO • REGIA • ACADEMIA • SCIENTIARUM • SUEC / • MCMLXXVII •, view of a gem set over the interior view of a geode; below gem, plaque reading FORMAS MINERALIUM / EXPLORAVIT in two lines. Edge: MV BRONS 1977.


    Gem Mint State. Deep brown surfaces, with some lighter brown-bronze highlights.


    Gregori Aminoff was descended from a Russian officer who sided with Sweden in the early 17th century, and went on to have a rather diverse career in two different fields. First producing modernist art in his 20's, he eventually made an even greater name in science, particularly in the application of x-ray and electron diffraction. Following his death, a prize in his name was created for "...outstanding work in crystallography to both Swedish and foreign researchers."


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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