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101600 | SWEDEN. Gustav Cassel bronze Medal.

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    101600  |  SWEDEN. Gustav Cassel bronze Medal. Issued 1973. Commemorating the life of the economist and professor (45mm, 42.50 g, 12h). By L. Holmgren.


    + GUSTAV • CASSEL + / SOCIO • MERITISSIMO • REGIA • ACADEMIA • SCIENTIARUM • SUEC • MCMLXXIII, bust facing slightly right / + IN • ARTE • OECONOMICA • RECTA • ET • SIMPLICIA • ELEGANTISSIME • DOCUIT, view of the earth above from the North Pole; equation to right; below, rectangular piece of metal featuring grain ear (like the coinage of Metapontion), the reverse of a St. Gaudens double eagle, and a laurel branch all set over a Swedish banknote. Edge: MV BRONS 1973.


    Gem Mint State. Light olive-brown surfaces.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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