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101615 | FRANCE & GREAT BRITAIN. Paradise Lost gilt copper Cliché.

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    101615  |  FRANCE & GREAT BRITAIN. Paradise Lost gilt copper Cliché. Issued circa 1867, or slightly later. "The Expulsion of Adam & Eve from Eden" (59mm, 13.54 g). After L. Morel-Ladueil.


    Adam and Eve, both nude, seated to right on rocks with the Garden of Eden; to left, Archangel Raphael admonishing them and expelleing them for their sin / Incuse and reverse of obverse.


    Choice Mint State. Olive-bronze surfaces, with highly intricate artistry. Rare and highly attractive.


    Designed by the French artist Léonard Morel-Ladeuil, the "Milton Shield: Paradise Lost" in repoussé steel and silver bore designs from the famous literary work, all pieced together in the form of a shield for the 1867 Paris International Exhibition. Such shields were then produced by the British firm Elkington & Co., for which this cliché parallels the central motif—namely, the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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