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101623 | GERMANY. Gustav Stresemann silver Medal.

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    101623  |  GERMANY. Gustav Stresemann silver Medal. Issued 1929. Commemorating the life and accomplishments of the German statesman (36mm, 19.93 g, 12h). By K. Goetz at the München mint.


    + DR GVSTAV • STRESEMANN + / 3 • OKTBR • 1929, bust right / Four tombstones, bearing his great accomplishments, under a weeping willow: LO CARNO 1925, THOIRY, GENF 1926, HAAG 1929. Edge: • BAYER. HAUPTMÜNZAMT • FEINSILBER •.


    Kienast 432. Choice Mint State. Steely gray matte surfaces.


    A departure from Goetz's usual satirical issues, this example instead commemorates the life and achievements of Stresemann, an important figure in the interwar period of Germany. In his role as Minister of Foreign Affairs (from 1923 until his death in 1929), he negotiated several treaties which saw greater normalization of Germany following World War I. Starting in 1923 with Locarno, post-war borders were agreed upon, with a rapprochement between France and Germany (mainly in the form of German bond-backing of the Franc and a French withdrawal from the Rhineland) occuring a few years later at Thoiry. Soon thereafter, he saw Germany's admittance into the League of Nations at Geneva, and then an ultimate withdrawal from the Ruhr while at the Hague in 1929. Sadly, Stresemann would never see this final act, as he passed away before it took effect in 1930, though he would also thankfully not see Germany's aggressive rise again just a few short years with the emergence of Hitler. A haunting and provocative issue from the typically cheeky Goetz.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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