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101637 | ANCIENT INSPIRED. Constans II & Constantine IV silver "Miliaresion."

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    101637  |  ANCIENT INSPIRED. Byzantine Empire (Czech Republic). Constans II with Constantine IV silver "Miliaresion." Issued 2002 for auction 144 by Česká numismatická společnost (ČNS) in Brno (21mm, 5.13 g, 12h). By P. Soušek.


    D • N • CONST • C • CONST •, crowned and draped facing busts of Constans, wearing plume and long beard, and Constantine / Cross potent set upon globus; palm frond to left and right; in three lines below, 144 / AVKCЄ / ČNS BRNO. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. SB 987 (for prototype). Choice Mint State. Deep gunmetal gray syrfaces, with some lighter highlights; a few hairlines in the reverse field. From a small mintage of just 55 pieces for the firm's 144th auction in 2002.


    In commemoration of their auctions, ČNS would often issue a small output of commemorative tokens channeling a different coin theme from throughout history. In this case, a ceremonial miliaresion from the Byzantine emperor Constans II, along with his son (the future emperor Constantine IV), was utilized.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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