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101643 | SWEDEN. Swedish Medical Society bronze Medal.

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    101643  |  SWEDEN. Swedish Medical Society bronze Medal. Issued 1908 for the centennial of the society (70mm, 143.87 g, 12h). By E. Lindberg in Stockholm.


    Central plaque containing SVENSKA / LÄKARE- / SÄLLSKAPETS / STIFTARE in four lines; around, seven medallions containing the busts of the society's founders: Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Eric Carl Trafvenfelt, Anders Johan Hagströmer, Carl Fredrik von Schulzenheim, Jonas Henric Gistrén, Henrik Gahn, and Eric Gadelius / Ornate fountain from which nude male (with hands) and female (with cup) collect water; fountain adorned with basin and serpent, emblematic of the medical profession; in four lines below, TILL MINNE AF / SVENSKA LÄKARESÄLLSKAPETS / HUNDRAÅRIGA VERKSAMHET / DEN 25 OKTOBER 1908. Edge: Plain.


    Ehrensvärd 74. Choice Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces, with a slight brilliance emanating throughout.


    The Swedish Medical Society was founded in 1807 by the seven men represented on this medal, and had the charge of promoting advancements in healthcare research and education. In 2019, it held a membership of some 10,000 physicians, representing nearly 25% of those working in Sweden.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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