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101666 | UNITED STATES. Martin Luther Statue in Washington, D.C. silver Medal.

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    101666  |  UNITED STATES & GERMANY. Martin Luther Statue in Washington, D.C. silver Medal. Issued 1884. Commemorating the monument to the great reformer (38mm, 24.38 g, 12h). By C. Faliesky.


    TO COMMEMORATE THE ERECTION OF THE STATUE / OF THE GREAT REFORMER / WASHINGTON, D.C. MAY 21 1884, facing statue of Martin Luther, located at Luther Place Memorial Church / STRUCK BY THE MARTIN LUTHER SOCIETY / OF NEW YORK, Ein / feste Burg / ist unser / Gott (our God is a mighty fortress) in four lines in blackletter. Edge: A few light marks, otherwise plain.


    Whiting –; cf. Opitz 3553 (bronze & white metal). HK –; #228. Choice Mint State. Highly brilliant and alluring, with a mix of cobalt and seafoam green toning throughout. An already rare type in bronze or white metal, this is extremely rare when encountered in silver.


    Celebrated each century on the anniversaries of the Protestant Reformation which he helped to bring about, Martin Luther was the object of many statues during the mid-19th century. Even in the United States, Luther's effect was felt given the large number of Protestant immigrants who arrived in America in the late 18th-mid 19th centuries. As such, a prominent statue was dedicated to him in the nation's capital in 1884, standing at Luther Place Memorial Church and having been based upon an original by Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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