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101678 | FRANCE & SCOTLAND. John Boyd Dunlop small bronze Plaque.

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    101678 | FRANCE & SCOTLAND. John Boyd Dunlop bronze Plaque. Issued 1928. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his pneumatic tire patent (41x35mm, 36.92 g, 12h). By R. Baudichon at Arthus-Bertrand in Paris.


    J. B. DUNLOP, bust of Dunlop facing; to left, biplane, motorcycle, automobile, and bicycle; in three lines in exergue, 1888 40e ANNIVERSAIRE 1928 / DE LA FOUNDATION / DE L'INDUSTRIE DU PNEUMATIQUE / Workers in a forest tapping rubber trees; in panel below, factory view between laurel branches, with legend above and below: VISITE • DES • USINES • DUNLOP • A • MONTLUCON • ALLIER / SOCIETE • ANONYME • DES • PNEUMATIQUES • DUNLOP (factory tour of the Dunlop facilities at Montluçon, Allier). Edge: BRONZE «triangle».


    Cf. Joos 565 (module); Hans Kaiser –. About Uncirculated details. Deep brown surfaces, through some light spotting and corrosion noted. A great type featuring multiple modes of transportation.


    A Scottish inventor who spent most of his life in Ireland, John Boyd Dunlop became famous for his eponymous tire company—Dunlop. Though he patented the pneumatic tire for bicycles in 1888, he later found out that a patent had previously been awarded for the concept in 1847, coincidentally to another Scot—Robert William Thomson. Nevertheless, Dunlop's tires were well marketed and promoted, with the company emerging at a crucial point, growing along with the invention of the automobile and, shortly thereafter, aircraft. All of these forms of transportation are shown on this commemorative plaque, with the cultivation and collection of latex from the rubber tree shown on the reverse.


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