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101702 | GREAT BRITAIN. Skull scyphate oval cast bronze Medal.

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    101702 |   GREAT BRITAIN. Skull scyphate oval cast bronze Medal. Issued 1982. Muse (46mm x 67mm, 95.74 g, 12h). By M. Holloway and issued by Lunt for the British Art Medal Society.


    Human head facing slightly left—the left side of which is the exterior with skin, the right side of which is below the skin, revealing the fascia / The skull of that human facing slightly right.


    BAMS 2. As Cast. Deep olive-brown surfaces, with a light green antiquing for contrast; delightful scyhate (concave/convex) casting. Highly interesting and engaging, along with being extremely rare, with an output of just 12 examples total.


    Ex Peter Bagwell Purefoy Collection.


    One of the initial medals in the British Art Medal Society series, this provocative issue from Mark Holloway acts as a bit of a memento mori or aspect of vanitas, in that the obverse presents life, what is on the outside, and the present, while the reverse presents death, what is on the inside, and the future. One of the lower production runs in the entire BAMS series, with just 12 examples created.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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