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101721 | ARGENTINA. Railroad silvered bronze Plaque.

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    101721  |  ARGENTINA. Railroad silvered bronze Plaque. Issued 1923. Commemorating the inauguration of the electrified western railway from Plaza Once (Buenos Aires) to Moreno (63x49mm, 67.11 g, 12h). By Gottuzzo y Piana.


    Hermes/Mercury (representing commerce) and female muse to left, standing and reclining, respectively; to right, male factory worker standing left, holding hammer set upon anvil and looking toward background at train station with both a locomotive and electrified cars upon tracks / "FERROCARRIL OESTE DE BUENOS AIRES LTDA / INAUGURACIÓN OFICIAL DEL SERVICIO ELÉCTRICO / ENTRE LAS ESTACIONES PLAZA ONCE Y MORENO / COMBINADO CON EL SUBTERRANEO / DE LA COMPAÑIA DE TRANVIAS ANGLO ARGENTINA / AUTORIZADO POR LEY DE LA NACIÓN N° 7846 / PRESIDENTE DE LA NACIÓN / DR. MARCELO T. DE ALVEAR / PRESIDENTE DEL DIRECTORIO DE LA COMPAÑIA / SIR HENRY BELL, BART / PRESIDENTE DEL DIRECTORIO LOCAL / ALEJANDRO F. LÉRTORA / 30-IV-1923" in 13 lines. Edge: BRONCE.


    Choice About Uncirculated. Highly argent and brilliant, with a few light spots and scattered hairlines on the reverse.


    Entering a modernizing of Argentina's railways, electrified rails were placed between a suburban section of Buenos Aires at Plaza Once running west some 36 km to the city of Moreno. According to the Railways of South America, "...the electric service was formally opened to the public on April 30, 1923," with there being "...14 stations on the main line, the greatest distance between stations being 6 kilometers, and the minimum distance 1 kilometer. The electric passenger trains do not run into the Once Terminal Station but to the Underground Station of the Anglo-Argentine Tramway Co. at Plaza Once."


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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