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101744 | UNITED STATES. Charles Lindbergh uniface bronze plaque.

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    101744  |  UNITED STATES. Charles Lindbergh uniface bronze plaque. Issued circa 1930. Commemorating the famous aviator (50x62mm, 86.68 g, 12h). By O. Neumann for Fisch & Co.


    Head right / Blank. Edge: FISCH Cie.


    Mint State. Deep brown surfaces, with a slightly glossy nature. A rare and interesting Art Deco rendition of "Lindy."


    In May 1927, American aviator Charles A. Lindbergh won the Orteig Prize (a $25,000 award for the first Allied aviator(s) who could successfully make a transatlantic flight between New York and Paris). Following this monumental achievement, Lindbergh would receive numerous accolades and be the focus of an adoring nation.


    The designer of this plaque, Oscar Neumann, fled Croatia for London, England in 1938 during the early stages of World War II. He would later change his name to Oscar Nemon and, in addition to designing this piece, would go on to—rather more well known in the world of numismatics—design the famous Churchill crown from 1965.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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