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101774 | RUSSIA & FRANCE. Pyotr (Peter) I 'the Great' bronze Medal.

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    101774  |  RUSSIA & FRANCE. Pyotr (Peter) I 'the Great' bronze Medal. Dated 1823. Series Numismatica Universalis Virorum Illustrium (41mm, 37.05 g, 12h). By Pingret & Durand in Paris.


    PETRUS AEXIEWITZ TZAR • MAG • RUSS • IMP, laureate bust right / NATUS / MOSCAE / IN MOSCOVIA / AN M DC LXXII / OBIIT / PETROPOLI / AN M DCC XXV in seven lines. Edge: Plain.


    Diakov –. Choice About Uncirculated. Deep brown surfaces, with very high relief on the portrait, but also some lightly scattered marks.


    This piece is from the "Virorum Illustrium" (famous men) series, which presented numerous contemporary and historical male figures in medallic form, along with a brief biography on each reverse. Responsible for the modernization of what was a more primitive tsardom, Peter focused greatly upon building up Russia's navy, eventually culminating in her victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War. He founded the important Baltic city of St. Petersburg, which bears the name in his honor.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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