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101836 | GERMANY. World War I uniface cast bronze Medal.

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    101836  |  GERMANY. World War I uniface cast bronze Medal. Issued 1919. "The Death Toll of the World War" (82mm, 111.53 g). By K. Ott for C. Poellath in Schrobenhausen.


    DORT RASTЄTЄ ZU MÄHЄN DЄS ƸODЄS SЄNSЄ NIЄ (there, Death's scythe never stopped cutting), burning castle atop a hill; in foreground below, a semicircle of coffins, each with helmet of a deceased soldier on top; behind, laurel branch and sword inscribed 1914—1919 / Blank. Edge: SCHROBENHAUSEN C. POELLATH.


    Klose 15.18. As Cast. Bronze-brown surfaces, with a slightly glossy nature. A very rare and poignant medal capturing the sense of devastation following the first great war.


    Many medals issued in Germany toward the outset of the war projected a confident and lofty aspect of the war. Over time, however, the number began to decrease, with the overall sentiment becoming more bleak and realistic of the devastation that had been wrought. This issue by Ott, rather than attempting to wash over the immense loss or focus upon the caricatured aspect of the enemy, instead simply displayed the tragedy of those lost during the stryfe.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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