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101856 | GERMANY. Aesop's Fable silver Medal.

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    101856  |  GERMANY. Aesop's Fable silver Medal. Issued circa 1800. The Tortoise & the Horse (30mm, 9.03 g, 12h). By Loos.


    SCHIEBE NICHT AUF (do not put off for tomorrow...), horse rearing right, with head turned backward; to left, tortoise climbing up a hill / EILE ZUM ZIELE (...hasten to the goal today), hand reaching out, flanked by wings. Edge: Plain.


    Sommer B42. Mint State. Rather deeply toned, with some reflective brilliance in the fields; some scattered marks are noted on the reverse.


    This interesting piece seems to allude to a parallel or alternative telling of the "tortoise and hare" story with which we are all familiar. Here, the role of the hare is played by a galloping horse, which fits into the role quite seamlessly. The German legend essentially recounts the same message: do not put off for tomorrow that which can be done today.

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