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101902 | GERMANY. New Year silver Medal.

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    101902  |  GERMANY. New Year silver Medal. Issued 1801. Commemorating the new year (36mm, 14.16 g, 12h). By the Loos Workshop in Berlin.


    ALLES VERGEHT (everything passes), Chronos flying left, holding scythe and with hourglass on head; below, view of the tomb of Caecilia Metella in Rome / ABER / DIE LIEBE, / DIE LIEBE DES / EWIGEN, / LIEBE ZU GUTEN / MENSCHEN / VERGEHT NIE / DEM SCHEIDENDEN / UND / KOMMENDEN / JAHRHUNDERT / 1801 in 12 lines; all within border of stars. Edge: Plain.


    Strothotte 1801-10a; Marienburg 10030; GPH 5079; Sommer B-25/1. Choice Mint State. Extremely argent and prooflike, with some light frosting to the devices and subtle golden notes; a few darker spots of toning are observed on the reverse.


    This time-oriented medal rather appropriately features a depiction of Chronos, the ancient Greek representation of what we now refer to as "Father Time," with his characteristic long beard and scythe. Driving home this passage of time even further is the hourglass on his head and the Roman ruins over which he is flying.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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