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101915 | FRANCE. New Year silver Medal.

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    101915  |  FRANCE. New Year silver Medal. Issued 1900. Commemorating the new year and century (33mm, 16.22 g, 12h). By D. Dupuis at the Paris mint.


    Clio seated right among the clouds, holding large tablet bearing the new year and writing the future; to right, small child supporting tablet / MONNAIE DE PARIS, nude winged Genius standing slightly left, raising torch and leaning upon old coining press; implements of engraving around; scales to right. Edge: «cornucopia» ARGENT.


    Strothotte 1900-25; Wurzbach 7195. Choice About Uncirculated. Deep gray toning; a few scattered, very subtle scratches are noted, but do not interfere.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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