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101954 | HUNGARY. Bóna Andreas cast bronze Medal.

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    101954  |  HUNGARY. Bóna Andreas cast bronze Medal. Issued 1986 (95mm, 12h). By Csúcs F.


    ANDREAS BÓNA STOMAT MED UNIV, bare head right / MULTRA FERAT HOMO QUI VULT ATTINGERE PALMAM (may the man who wishes to taste victory bear [...]," human skull facing slightly right, with tongue protruding. Edge: «star» «5» «star».


    Medicina in Nummis [Hungarian] II, 69. As made. Dark brown surfaces, with lighter highlights; tremendous relief. Extremely rare and interesting.


    Though a search of Bóna Andreas reveals essentially nothing, his commemoration on this medal and the various context clues point toward his role in stomatology and oral medicine. The tongue protruding from the skull on the reverse would point in this direction as well, though the seemingly corrupted Latin legend does not shed any further light into the matter. Multra may be a neuter plural for a "bucket," but could also be a poetic rendition of multa (with the addition of the "r") and simply having the meany of "many things." In either event, it would seem to be suggesting a proverb, in that success comes only by means of hard work.

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