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101969 | SWEDEN. Axel Joachim Erdmann silver Medal.

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    101969  |  SWEDEN. Axel Joachim Erdmann silver Medal. Issued 1897. Commemorating the life of the famous geologist (31mm, 14.79 g, 12h). By L. Ahlborn.


    AXEL JOACH ERDMANN REI GEOLOGICÆ REGNI PRÆFECTUS, bare head right / ARCANA PATRII SOLI INVESTIGAVIT / SOCIO MERITISSIMO REG ACAD SCIENT SUEC MDCCCXCVII, topographical map of southern Sweden, with letters indicating cities—clockwise from the upper right: F–Falun, G–Gävle, S–Stockholm, N–Nörrkoping, L–Linköping, J–Jönköping, V–Visby, K–Kalmar, K–Kristianstad, M–Malmö, G–Göteborg, K–Karlstad. Edge: Plain.


    Hyckert II 160. Choice Mint State. Highly brilliant and mirrored in the fields, with some alluring iridescence accentuating the devices.


    A geologist, mineralogist, and chemist, Erdmann was a key figure in the advancement of the geological understanding of Sweden and her terrain in the mid-19th century, as he was appointed to the position of head of the Sveriges geologiska undersökning, or Swedish Geological Survey, and for which he produced more than 30 highly detailed maps.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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