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101976 | FRANCE. Dr. Saturnin Arloing/Veterinary Medicine bronze Plaque.

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    101976  |  FRANCE. Dr. Saturnin Arloing bronze Plaque. Issued 1911. Commemorating the death of the veterinarian, infectologist, and professor of anatomy and physiology (65mm x 54mm, 124.48 g, 12h). By P. Richer at the Paris mint.


    DIRECTEUR DE L'ÉCOLE NATIONALE VÉTÉRINAIRE DE LYON / PROFESSEUR A LA FACULTÉ DE MÉDECINE / CORRESPONDANT DE L'INSTITUT, bust right, with a facade of the institute in the background; in exergue, 1846   S. ARLOING   1911 / Arloing to left on one knee, administering vaccine to cow standing right, with attendants around; CORPORBUS COECIS IGITUR NATURA GERIT RES in exergue. Edge: «cornucopia» BRONZE.


    About Uncirculated. Light brown surfaces.


    From the late 1860's onward, Arloing's main area of focus pertained to researching tuberculosis, especially with respect to cattle and any cross-species or zoonotic spreading from bovines to humans. His research ultimately led to his administering of a vaccine against bovine tuberculosis in 1911, with 75% of those cattle vaccinated being protected, and with all of those in the control group falling ill. Sadly, his research was unable to be completed, as he passed away later that year.


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