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101978 | GERMANY. International Fisheries Exhibition bronze award Medal.

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    101978  |  GERMANY. International Fisheries Exhibition bronze award Medal. Issued 1880 for the expo held in Berlin (73mm, 197.52 g, 12h). By K. Schwenzer.


    FRIEDRICH WILHELM KRONPRINZ DES DEUTSCHEN REICHS UND VON PREUSSEN, armored bust of Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm left / INTERNATIONALE FISCHEREI–AUSSTELLUNG ZU BERLIN 1880, seminude personification of Berlin seated left on base, holding wreath and rudder, with fishing net draped behind her; in background, numerous ships at sea, with a lighthouse seen at a distance; in exergue, eel between two inward-facing fish. Edge: Plain.


    Marienburg 10409. Choice Mint State. Light brown surfaces, with a great deal of brilliance in the fields. Includes original box of issue. Highly impressive for the type.


    A world's fair focusing exclusively upon fisheries and fish culture, this exhibition, held in Berlin in 1880, was presided over by the crown prince of the German Empire, Friedrich Wilhelm, who would succeed his father, Wilhelm I, as emperor just eight years later in 1888. That year, however, would become known as the "year of three emperors," as Friedrich Wilhelm was terminally ill with cancer of the larynx upon his coronation, and would succumb to the disease just three months into his reign, being succeeded by his son, the much less liberal and much more bellicose Wilhelm II.


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