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101993 | GERMANY. Aschaffenburg. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal).

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    101993  |  GERMANY. Aschaffenburg. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal). Issued 1929. Issued for the royal privileged shooting club in Aschaffenburg (40mm, 23.43 g, 12h). By Reinhardt.


    SANKTUS SEBASTIANUS PATRONUS, St. Sebastian right, head facing, bound to lengthy stump and with heart and abdomen pierced by arrows; foliage in background; all within quatrefoil / K PRIVILEG SCHÜTZENGESELLSCH ASCHAFFENBURG, perspective view of Schloss Johannisburg; in exergue, target behind crossed rifles and within wreath of oak branches. Edge: Plain.


    Gem Mint State. Highly brilliant and prooflike, with a deep tone throughout and some iridescence revealed when cradled back and forth. A rare and seldom seen shooting-related medal.


    Sebastian was an early Christian saint who is said to have been martyred during the persecutions of Roman Emperor Diocletian, circa C.E. 288. He was condemned to death by being tied to a tree and shot with arrows, though he survived this act. He attempted to warn Diocletian of his sins, and was then subsequently clubbed to death. Given his initial condemnation, he is traditionally represented in Catholicism as being pierced by arrows, as is the case on this medal. He serves, rather appropriately, as the patron saint of archers, as well as soldiers, athletes, race car drivers, and, relevant to current times, the plague stricken.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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