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101995 | FRANCE. Louis XVI/Abolition of Feudalism bronze Medal.

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    101995  |  FRANCE. Louis XVI bronze Medal. Dated 1789 (issued ca. 1860-1879). Commemorating the abolition of feudalism (64mm, 124.97 g, 12h). By Du Vivier & Gatteaux.


    LOUIS XVI RESTAURATEUR DE LA LIBERTÉ FRANÇAISE, garlanded, draped, and mantled bust right / ABANDON DE TOUS LES PRIVILÉGES, view of the National Assembly at Versailles: members of the three estates make their oath around an altar inscribed A / LA / PATRIE; in three lines in exergue, ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE / IV AOUT / MDCCLXXXIX. Edge: «bee» CUIVRE.


    Nocq 241. Choice Mint State. Glossy chocolate brown surfaces. A fairly scarce and important type.


    Quite a feat in French history, one of the central events of the French Revolution was the abolishment of feudalism in a direct nod to the core principles of "liberté, égalité et fraternité." As such, the old judicial system was suspended in November 1789, and formally abolished in 1790.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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