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102006 | FRANCE. Lodge of Saint Germain silver Jeton.

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    102006  |  FRANCE. Lodge of Saint Germain silver Jeton. Issued 1787 (23mm, 3.81 g, 6h).


    JETTON DE ST. GERMAIN, compass, square, and acacia sprays / CURAT PAUPERES ([He] looks out for the poor), radiant Eye of Providence. Edge: Reeded.


    Labouret 448. Choice About Uncirculated. Deeply toned, with a great iridescent nature.


    Contemporaneous to the "first coins" of the United States, the Nova Constellatio coppers of 1783, this silver masonic issue from the Lodge of Saint Germain in France was struck just four years later, possibly inspired by the "all-seeing eye" iconography as seen on the Nova Constellatio coppers.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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