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102011 | FRANCE. Paris Printers' Association silver Jeton.

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    102011  |  FRANCE. Paris Printers' Association silver Jeton. Issued 1840 (31mm, 11.51 g, 12h). By H. Steph.


    FUGAT TENEBRAS LUCEMQUE REDUCIT (it scatters darkness and restores light), early screw press; composing stick to left, pair of inking balls to right; MCCCCXL in exergue / ASSOCIATION DES IMPRIMEURS DE PARIS / MDCCCXL, CONFÉRENCE / DES / IMPRIMEURS in three lines within wreath. Edge: «hand» ARGENT.


    Blades, A List of Medals, Jettons, Tokens, &c. in Connection with Printers and the Art of Printing, pp. 92-3 & pl. 5A. Gem Mint State. Deeply toned and highly iridescent, with some brilliance in the fields.


    On 30 August 1839, the printers of Paris formed an association, with one of their first acts being to form a committee termed the 'Chambre des Imprimeurs.' As a certificate of membership, a 'jeton de présence,' just like the present medal, was ordered to be engraved and presented to each member. This example, however, remains unengraved.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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