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102038 | GERMANY. Mourning/End of the War uniface cast bronze Medal.

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    102038  |  GERMANY. Mourning/End of the War uniface cast bronze Medal. Issued circa 1919. "Death in Heroic Achievement" (97mm, 162.11 g). By K. Ott for Poellath in Schrobenhausen.


    + WЄR ЄRZÄҺLT • WAS TROTZЄND DЄN GЄFAҺRЄN SЄİN ҺOҺЄR MUT VOLLBRACHT ([presented unto] he who recounts what his immense courage has achieved in spite of the dangers), seminude woman kneeling left in attitude of mourning, leaning over large helmet with her hands clenched together around it / Blank. Edge: A few areas with the casting sprues still remaining; some filing marks as made.


    Klose 15.16; Art of Devastation –. Virtually as cast. Deep gray-brown surfaces, with a few lighter hints on the higher points. Very rare and a moving piece from the end of the war.


    This incredibly moving piece presents emotions nearly as raw as the fairly rough manner of its manufacture. The woman—seemingly here the widow of a fallen soldier represented solely by a helmet—mourns the death of her loved one, with it more broadly serving as an allegory for the whole of Germany mourning their countless lost loved ones.


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