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102077 | GERMANY. The Judges of the World cast iron Medal.

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    102077  |  GERMANY, EUROPE & UNITED STATES. The Judges of the World cast iron Medal. Dated 1918. "Entente-Weltrichter"—on the occasion of President Wilson's reply to Germany's peace note (57mm, 54.64 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    WELT-RICH-TER (world judge), President Woodrow Wilson (as the Judge of the World) seated facing on throne, holding treaty; to left, King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, King Albert of Belgium, and Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France, shaking his hand and extending marshall's staff over his head; to right, President Raymond Poincaré of France crowning him, King Nikola of Montenegro, and King Petar I of Serbia kissing his feet / FRISS ODER STIRB (do or die), eagle standing right on serpent-entwined oak branch, debating from which hand to choose: an armored left hand, offering victoriola, or a bare right hand, offering the Crown of Democracy and wrapped in chains. Edge: Some filing marks as made.


    Kienast 211; Klose 23.11; Art of Devastation –. Mint State. Deep charcoal surfaces, with some dusty olive deposits accentuating the devices.


    Ex Leigh Park Collection.


    Seeing that there was no path to victory, the German government sought out obtaining a peace agreement from the Entente, with America's President Wilson leading the way. In this manner, he was deemed in Germany as a quasi-universal adjudicator, making sure that all of the terms of the members of the Entente were favorably seen, much to the dismay of those within Germany.


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