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102078 | GERMANY. The Agenda in Spa cast bronze Medal.

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    102078  |  GERMANY. The Agenda in Spa cast bronze Medal. Dated 1920. "Tagesordnung in Spa"—on the topic of German disarmament as spelled out in the Treaty of Versailles (58mm, 64.32 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    Michel, the personification of Germany, advancing right over brambles, bearing weighty tome of the numerous rules applied to the country on his back / TAGESORDNGNG (agenda), the various conditions of the disarmament in action: eye pierced by needle, surrendered zeppelin, reduction of naval tonnage, reduction of the army to 100,000 men, pile of coal reading KOHLE and stacks of coins. Edge: Plain.


    Kienast 271. Mint State. Reddish-brown surfaces, with some slight rub upon the high points. Ex Leigh Park Collection.


    Held in Spa, Belgium in July 1920, the Spa Conference involved representatives from the Weimar Republic and the Supreme War Council (essentially, the allied powers following Russia's withdrawal), and dealt with the topics of Germany's disarmament, war reparations, and coal shipments to the allies. The growing toll inflicted upon Germany, as seen through the German eyes, is depicted here by Goetz.


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