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102082 | FRANCE & EGYPT. Conquest of Upper Egypt bronze Medal.

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    102082  |  FRANCE & EGYPT. Conquest of Upper Egypt bronze Medal. Dated Year VII of the Republic (1799), though a later 19th century restrike (34mm, 18.94 g, 12h). By Galle & Denon.


    CONQUETE DE LA HAUTE EGYPTE / AN VII, head of Isis left, wearing Nemes headdress / Crocodile left, chained to palm tree. Edge: «cornucopia» BRONZE.


    Hennin 896; Julius 694; d'Essling 793; Lecompte 11. Choice Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces, with some hints of red around the devices; a good deal of underlying brilliance remains as well. A popular and interesting type.


    Part of Napoleon's campaign within the realms of the Ottoman Empire, the French pursuits in Egypt and Syria from 1798-1801 were meant to drive out British influence in the region, but ultimately led to Napoleon's withdrawal. Nevertheless, early successes were captured on medals such as this type, which draws upon the ancient Roman Imperial coinage depicting Egypt as a crocodile. Meanwhile, the campaign was a boon historically and linguistically, as it led to the discovery and subsequent translation of the Rosetta Stone—a key to deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and furthering the Egyptology craze.


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