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102083 | FRANCE. Louis XV/Atlas silver Jeton.

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    102083  |  FRANCE. Louis XV silver Jeton. Issued 1743 (29mm, 7.45 g, 12h).


    LUD XV REX CHRISTIANISS, garlanded and draped bust right / TANTA NEGOTIA SOLUS, Atlas left, bent to one knee, bearing celestial sphere upon his back, with zodiacal band featuring Libra and Scorpio; in two lines in exergue, TRESOR ROYAL / 1743. Edge: Reeded.


    Feuardent 2059. Choice About Uncirculated. Lightly toned, with some subtle toning and muted brilliance, and just a hint of rub upon the high points.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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