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102101 | CANADA. XXXV FIDEM gilt bronze Medal.

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    102101  |  CANADA. XXXV FIDEM gilt bronze Medal. Issued 2018. The official medal for the congress held in Ottawa (76mm x 74mm, 12 g). Pentagonal shaped. By S. Taylor.


    Mother seated right, reading to child from open book; all around, stars representing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), and five-segmented pattern representing "Canada’s commitment to ensuring a safe and caring community" / Central sash with three maple leaves representing the three bodies of water bordering Canada: Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans; and with the connected garland representing Canada's freshwater lakes and rivers; to left, cedar motif representing the Ottawa region which hosted the congress; to right, wheat ears representing Canada's strong agricultural roots; below, Rocky Mountains and Northern Lights showing the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. Edge: Plain.


    As made. Frosty brass-bronze surfaces, with a slight matte nature.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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