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102107 | GERMANY. Speyer. "Vinum in nummis" silver Medal.

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    102107  |  GERMANY. Speyer. Silver Medal. Issued 2000. "Vinum in nummis" (24mm x 28mm, 16.14 g, 1h). By V. Huster.


    Veiled head of woman right, with veil decorated with grape vines and bunch of grapes / SPIRA 2000, stylized chalice with grape bunch.


    As made. Attractively toned and charmingly lustrous. Very rare and seldom encountered.


    Part of Victor Huster's series celebrating the Old Town Festival of Speyer (Spira in the 8th century), this piece ("wine in coins") celebrates the power of the grape and, through its tactile form of manufacture, shares a great deal in overall feel and flair with a Hellenistic tetradrachm.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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