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102120 | UNITED STATES. Buffalo, New York. I.O.O.F. aluminum Medal.

  • 102120

    102120  |  UNITED STATES. Buffalo, New York. Independent Order of Odd Fellows aluminum Medal. Issued 1917. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the lodge (30mm, 2.45 g, 9h). By Kirschner's in Buffalo.


    Radiant Eye of Providence above three rings with F–L–T; skull and crossbones below / 40th ANNIVERSARY / NORTHERN / STAR / LODGE NO. 458 / I. O. O. F. / JAN. 25, 1917 in six lines. Edge: Plain.


    Mint State. Fairly brilliant, with some lightly scattered marks.


    Created in 1819 by Thomas Wildey, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows has grown to become one of the world's largest fraternal orders. The origin of one of the most common forms of symbolism associated with the Order, the "three rings," isn't entirely known, though it possibly drew upon the triquetra symbol of the Holy Trinity. Alternatively, it may have emanated from an alchemical symbol alluding to mercury, sulfur, and salt, as representations of the spirit, soul, and physical body. It could have even been three clasped hands as a representation of fidelity and trust. Another common symbol for the Odd Fellows, and fraternal societies in general, was the skull and crossbones.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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