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102127 | GERMANY. Pope Pius XI silver Medal.

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    102127  |  GERMANY & ITALY. Pope Pius XI silver Medal. Dated 1929. On the occasion of the signing of the Lateran Treaty with Italy (36mm, 19.92 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    PIVS XI PONT MAX, bust left, wearing zucchetto and mantum / A. D. XI II MCMXXIX, St. Peter, holding keys and tablet inscribed PAX (peace), seated left upon the earth, focused upon the Italian peninsula (with Rome and the Vatican City identified). Edge: BAYER. HAUPTMÜNZAMT • FEINSILBER.


    Kienast 420. Choice Mint State. Light gray surfaces, with a great matte nature.


    The Lateran Treaty ended the longstanding feud between the Kingdom of Italy and the Papacy over the sovereignty of the latter within the former. The treaty gave the Vatican City to the Papacy—a separate city-state headed by the pope within the city of Rome itself—as well as compensation to the papacy by the Italian government for the loss of the territory within the Papal States.


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