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102170 | UNITED STATES. St. Louis Expo silvered bronze "so-called" Dollar.

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    102170  |  UNITED STATES. Louisiana Purchase/St. Louis International Exposition silvered bronze "so-called" Dollar. Issued 1904 (40mm, 26.16 g, 12h). By the Holy Brothers.


    LOUISIANA PURCHASE / 1803, oval medallions of Thomas Jefferson, facing slightly left, and of Napoléon, facing left; between them, shield bearing stars and stripes, and surmounted by an eagle, with wings spread and head left, perched facing / WORLD'S FAIR ST LOUIS 1904, three allegorical figures (one male, two female) facing left among the clouds; the male figure trumpets and holds a torch, while one female clasps his shoulder and another, nude, holds an oval shield; at a distance to lower left, aerial view of the expo grounds. Edge: Some uneven silvering, otherwise plain.


    socalleddollar[.]com unlisted-66; Krueger 225, Hendershott 30-260. Choice Mint State. Soft satiny-argent surfaces, with almost no breaks to the silvering. A very rare and seldom encountered type, with the alluring Art Nouveau artistry that is typically seen from the Holy Frères (brothers), who are more commonly known numismatically for their Swiss shooting medals from the same time period.


    Billed as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, as it commemorated the 100th anniversary of the massive land transaction between the United States and France, the fair covered an enormous area, taking visitors nearly a week to explore its offerings.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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