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102179 | HUNGARY. Prof. Dr. Kettesy Aladár bronze Medal.

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    102179  |  HUNGARY. Prof. Dr. Kettesy Aladár bronze Medal. Issued 1973. Commemorating the 80th birthday of the ophthalmologist (84mm, 12h). By Madarassy W.


    PROF DR KETTESY ALADÁR 80 ÉVES, bare head left / Ophthalmologist, in surgical gown and mask, operating on draped patient lying supine to left; to upper left, an assistant holds a light over the field. Edge: Some light filing marks as made, otherwise plain.


    Galst & van Alfen I.132; Huszár & Varannai 356; Györffy 32. Gem Mint State. Alluring brown surfaces, with a great concave nature, intricate detail, and dazzling relief. Includes box of issue. A very powerful type that serves as the cover medal to Galst & van Alfen's Ophthalmologia Optica & Visio in Nummis.


    The following is the brief biography presented in Galst & van Alfen: "Kettesy's surname was originally Kreiker, which he changed to one more Hungarian and less German in order to pursue a public career. For decades he was the director of the Eye Clinic of the Medical University of Debrecen, a position he accepted after study with both Imre Josef and von Blaskovics Laszlo, with whom he wrote a major textbook on ophthalmology. His role in Hungarian ophthalmology was also enhanced by the development of his chart, still used today, for testing in refraction."


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