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102202 | BELGIUM. Hasselt. Chamber of Rhetoric bronze Méreau.

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    102202  |  BELGIUM. Hasselt. Chamber of Rhetoric bronze Méreau. Issued circa 1700 (22mm, 4.31 g, 9h).


    ANNIVE℞ CAM RETHOR HASS, skull left over crossbones // S MARIA HITTE VERCVELT, the Virgin Mary seated facing, holding scepter and Holy Infant.


    Neumann 35349; Capitaine Coll. 1329; De Renesse pl. LXXV, 1. Fine Details. Dark brown surfaces, some scattered roughness. Very rare.


    Chambers of Rhetoric, or the Rederijkers/chambres de rhétorique, were societies for the production of drama in the late medieval and early modern Low Countries. Essentially an early form of "community theater," they performed plays and presented poetry, and worked closely with civic leaders in numerous social functions. Quite possibly the function of this méreau, unlike the similar Liège counterparts which served religious purposes, was as a ticket or pass to one of the many public functions performed or hosted by this society.


    Upload: 15 March 2024.


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