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102233 | UNITED STATES, GERMANY & ITALY. Albert Einstein bronze Medal.

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    102233  |  UNITED STATES, GERMANY & ITALY. Albert Einstein bronze Medal. Issued 1955. Commemorating the death of the famous theoretical physicist (60mm, 116.82 g, 12h). By U. Rimondini at the Stefano Johnson Co. in Milan.


    ALBERT EINSTEIN, head left / AETERNITAS, draconic ouroboros: dragon eating its tail; star below. Edge: Plain.


    Michaelis, "Medals of science" in New Scientist, vol. 12, no. 263, 1961, p. 563. Gem Mint State. Light bronze surfaces, with tremendous relief.


    A German-born physicist widely considered to be one of history's greatest minds, Albert Einstein was famous, among other things, for his theory of relativity and the equation E=mc². Of Jewish ancestry, he remained in the United States during a visit in 1933, around the time at which Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party came to power. Throughout the ensuring second World War, he was a supporter of the allied cause, and recommended to President Franklin D. Roosevelt that the U.S. begin seriously looking into research of nuclear weaponry, as he believed that the German government was already doing so. Though the results of this nuclear program did not involve the war effort in Germany, as the European portion had come to an end, they were immensely consequential in the ending of the war in the Pacific theater.


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