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102235 | ITALY. Pope Leo XIII silver Medal.

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    102235  |  ITALY. Pope Leo XIII silver Medal. Issued Year XX (1897/8). On the founding of the Collegio Leoniano (43mm, 34.48 g, 12h). By F. Bianchi in Rome.


    LEO XIII PONT MAX AN XX, bust left, wearing zucchetto, mantum, and pallium / DOCTRINIS OPTIMIS IN CLERO PROVEHENDIS, perspective exterior view of the Collegio Leoniano; in three lines in exergue, COLLEGIVM LEONIANVM / ANAGNIAE / I OLIVIERI ARCH. Edge: Plain.


    Bartolotti E897; Rinaldi 91. Choice Mint State. Argent-gray surfaces throughout, with a great deal of mirrored brilliance in the fields and some cobalt, seafoam green, and olive toning around the devices.


    The Collegio Leoniano was founded in 1897 during the papacy of Leo XIII in the small hilly town of Anagni just to the east-southeast of Rome. The college served as a school for the training of priests for the dioceses of southern Lazio. Anagni itself is known as the "city of popes," as three different popes (Gregorius IX, Alexander IV, and Bonifacius VIII) were born there.


    Upload: 2 January 2023.


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