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102265 | SWEDEN. Erik Acharius silver medal.

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    102265  |  SWEDEN. Erik Acharius silver medal. Issued 1846. Commemorating the life (1757-1819) of the botanist and "father of lichenology" (31mm, 12.34 g, 12h). Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences series. By Mauritz Frumerie.


    ER ACHARIUS M D PROF EOU AUR / NAY 1757 DEN 1819, bust left in frock coat / TE REFERENT MUSCI TENERI FRAGILESQUE LICHENES, rocky knoll and dead tree, all covered in lichen; in three lines in exergue, SOCIO SUO MERITISS / REG ACAD SCIENT SV / MDCCCXLVI. Edge: Plain.


    Hyckert I, 50, 1; Granberg 235. Choice Mint State. Highly brilliant and deeply toned around the devices; a few light hairlines are noted for completeness.


    The last pupil of Carl Linnaeus, Erik Acharius pioneered the taxonomy of lichens and was a member of numerous learned societies in Sweden and Great Britain, not just the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for which this medal was issued. He had a plant genus, several plant species, and even an insect has been named after him, as well as the Acharius Medal, which is awarded for lifetime achievement in the field of lichenology.


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