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102266 | SWEDEN. Gustaf Wilhelm af Tibell silver Medal.

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    102266 | SWEDEN. Gustaf Wilhelm af Tibell silver Medal. Issued 1847. Commemorating the life (1772-1832) of the military officer (31mm, 12.73 g, 12h). Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences series. By Ludvig Persson Lundgren.


    G W A TIBELL L B GEN L T R COLL MILIT PRAES NAT 1772 DEN 1832, bare head right / GEMINUM SIBI POSCIT HONOREM, trophy of arms; to lower right, Minerva's owl standing slightly right, head facing; all within laurel wreath; in three lines in exergue, SOCIO SUO MERITISS / R ACAD SCIENT SV / MDCCCXLVII. Edge: Plain.


    Hildebrand 316; Hyckert I, 86; Granberg 236. Mint State. Supremely mirrored in the fields, with a light frosting to the devices and some tinges of champagne toning.


    A Swedish nobleman who was also an accomplished soldier and military theorist, Gustaf Wilhelm af Tibell was symbolic of the close relations between France and Sweden following the French Revolution, serving a fairly high post in the French military during the 1798-1801 campaign in Italy. Later, he would be called back to serve in Sweden, filling many key military-related roles for the remainder of his life.


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