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102268 | SWEDEN. Emanuel Swedenborg silver Medal.

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    102268  |  SWEDEN. Emanuel Swedenborg silver Medal. Issued 1852. Commemorating the life (1688-1772) of the theologian, scientist, philosopher, and mystic (31mm, 12.46 g, 12h). Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences series. By Per-Henrik Lundgren.


    EMANUEL SVEDENBORG / NAT 1688 DEN 1772, bust right in frock coat / TANTOQUE EXSULTAT ALUMNO, robed man advancing left before the façade of the Temple of Isis, decorated with hieroglyphics: in four lines in exergue, MIRO NATURAE INVESTIGATORI / SOCIO QUOND AESTIMATISS / ACAD REG SCIENT SVEC / MDCCCLII. Edge: Plain.


    Hildebrand 173, 1; Hyckert I, 236, 1; Granberg 240. Mint State. Enchantingly brilliant and pleasingly toned, with some lightly scattered hairlines.


    Perhaps best known for his religious book pertaining to the afterlife, Heaven and Hell, Emanuel Swedenborg was a noted Christian theologian, inspiring what would later be known as the "New Church," or a form of Christianity less devoted to a particular denomination and its specific views, and more devoted to the idea that, as long as one does good in accordance with the truth of their specific church, then one will be accepted into heaven. As such, this concept of the "New Church" is also known as Swedenborgianism after Swedenborg himself.


    Upload: 16 December 2022.


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