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102270 | SWEDEN. Peter Fredrik Wahlberg silver Medal.

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    102270  |  SWEDEN. Peter Fredrik Wahlberg silver Medal. Issued 1883. Commemorating the life (1800-1877) of the entomologist and professor (31mm, 14.95 g, 12h). Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences series. By Lea Ahlborn.


    PETR FR WAHLBERG PROF HIST NATUR / N 1800 O 1877, bare head left / STUDIA ET DELICIÆ, various flora in bloom, with a Rubus wahlbergii (a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Rosaceae and named after Wahlberg) in the middle; butterfly to upper right; in four lines in exergue, SOCIO A SECRETIS / BOTANICO ENTOMOL / R ACAD SCIENT SUEC / MDCCCLXXXIII. Edge: Plain.


    Hyckert II, 174; Olsén 281; Granberg 273. Mint State. Exceptionally brilliant in the fields, with enchanting iridescence surrounding; some minor hairlines are noted for completeness.


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    Upload: 16 December 2022.

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