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102272 | SWEDEN. Erik Edlund silver Medal.

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    102272  |  SWEDEN. Erik Edlund silver Medal. Issued 1891. Commemorating the life (1819-1888) of the physicist (31mm, 15.05 g, 12h). Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences series. By Lea Ahlborn.


    ER EDLUND PHYS PROF R AC SC SUEC N 1819 O 1888, bust left in frock coat, wearing numerous medals / SECRETA NATURÆ RECLUDIT ET ILLUSTRAT, robed female personification of Nature standing facing, holding torch and key; armillary sphere (astrolabe) to left and right; in four lines in exergue, SOCIO SCRUTATORI RERUM / NATURALIUM CELEBERRIMO / R ACAD SCIENT SUEC / MDCCCXCI. Edge: Plain.


    Hyckert II, 206; Olsén 314; Granberg 281. Mint State details. Pleasingly toned and brilliant, with some scattered hairlines are very light rub upon the high points.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.


    Upload: 16 December 2022.

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