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102292 | JAPAN. Crown Prince Yoshihito & Sadako Kujo bronze Medal.

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    102292  |  JAPAN. Crown Prince Yoshihito & Sadako Kujō bronze Medal. Issued Meiji 33 (1900). Commemorating the royal marriage of the future emperor & empress (Taishō & Teimei) (55mm, 12h). Osaka mint.


    Two fans over floral arrangement, the fan in the back bearing a design with plum flowers (Yoshihito), the fan in the front being plain (Sadako); the floral arrangement is composed of chrysanthemum and wistaria, representative of the imperial pair; around, border of eight clouds, possibly indicating the sansai (heaven, earth, and man) and go-un (clouds of good augury) / Inscription in five vertical lines of Yamoto wa-sun style, all within recessed cartouche of kakemono style.


    AJN, Vol. XLIV, No. 4 (October, 1910), pl. 21, II. NGC MS-65 Brown. For cert verification, please follow this link. Rich glossy brown surfaces, with a great deal of lustrous brilliance in the fields; a minor spot in the left field on the reverse is noted for completeness. Quite scarce in such an alluring and elevated state of preservation.


    Yoshihito was the son of the Meiji emperor and one of his royal concubines, Yanagiwara Naruko, and would marry Sadako Kujō in 1900 after a careful arrangement by his father. Sadako was a daughter of Duke Michitaka Kujō, head of Kujō branch of the powerful Fujiwara clan. Yoshihito would succeed his father upon the latter's death in 1912, though he himself would only reign until late 1926, being succeeded by his and Sadako's son, Hirohito—posthumously becoming known as the Shōwa emperor.


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