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102325 | GERMANY & FRANCE. "The Sower of Revenge" cast bronze Medal.

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    102325  |  GERMANY & FRANCE. "The Sower of Revenge" cast bronze Medal. Issued 1914. "Rachesäerin - Frankreich"—on the occasion of the first use of dum-dum bullets by the French (57mm, 59.57 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    RACHE SÆTEST DU BEI ZEITEN SCHON, Marianne advancing left, sowing a field of vipers; in background, rising sun comprised of swords on the horizon / ALLEN RESPEKT! VOR DER "GRAND NATION" (all respect for the "great nation"), the French cockerel standing left, defecating upon a scroll inscribed GENFER/KONVENTIONEN (Geneva Conventions); dumdum bullets to right. Edge: A few minor casting pits as made, otherwise plain.


    Kienast 136; Klose 8.27. Choice Mint State. Chocolate brown surfaces, with lighter highlights on the higher points.


    The 'dumdum' or expanding bullet was first produced by the British at the Dum Dum Arsenal near Calcutta, India in the late 19th century. These bullets were designed to expand outward upon hitting their target, looking similar to a mushroom. In so doing, their damage to their intended target would be quicker and more severe. Owing to their destructive nature, they were banned under the Geneva Conventions. On this medal, Goetz alleges French use of the weapon in clear violation of the Conventions, and does so in a manner that alludes to French coinage of the era, namely the famous Art Nouveau "La Semeuse" rendering by Roty.


    Upload: 3 April 2023.


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