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102358 | GREAT BRITAIN. Anne silver Medal.

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    102358  |  GREAT BRITAIN. Anne silver Medal. Issued 1704. Commemorating the British victories at land and sea, at Donauwörth, Gibraltar, and Höchstädt (40mm, 25.89 g, 12h). By G. Hautsch.


    ANNA · D · G · MAG · BR · FR · ET · HIB · REGINA, draped bust left // DIVES TRIVM PHIS ANGLIA, Britannia, holding anchor and rudder, seated beneath a palm tree on which hang three shields; in the distance, the British fleet captures Gibraltar, with Triton announcing the victories through a horn; in two lines in exergue, FRETO GADITAN OCCVPAT / CLASSE GALL FVGATA. Edge: * IN OMNI GENTE, QVÆ AVDIERIT NOMENTVVM, MAGNIFICABITVR SVPER TE DEVS ISRAEL • IVDITH . XIII . 31 •.


    MI 270/70; Eimer 411; van Loon IV, 454. PCGS MS-62. Deep gray toning, with some darker cobalt hues near the peripheries and some enchanting brilliance emanating from the fields; a few lightly scattered marks account for the designation. Fairly rare quality for this impressive type.


    Admiral Rooke spent much of the campaign season of 1704 in the Mediterranean, hoping to confront the French fleet. Failing to make a decisive encounter, he ordered Byng to seize the fortress of Gibraltar at the entrance of the Mediterranean. At Donauwörth (Schellenberg), the Duke of Marlborough sought to induce Bavaria back into the Grand Alliance, along with Scotland, the Dutch Republic, and Habsburg Austria. Not long after, the Battle of Höchstädt (Blenheim) saw Marlborough and the Grand Alliance joined by Prussia with a decisive victory against France and Bavaria, thus saving Vienna from the latter's advancing army—all of these events occurring as part of the War of Spanish Succession.


    Upload: 1 December 2023.


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