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102403 | UNITED STATES & SWITZERLAND. Swiss Carnegie Hero Fund bronze Medal.

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    102403  |  UNITED STATES & SWITZERLAND. Carnegie Hero Fund (Switzerland) bronze award Medal. Instituted 1911. Presented by the Swiss chapter (70mm, 186.78 g, 12h). By H. Frei.


    ANDREAS CARNEGIE DIE XXII MART MDCCCCXII, female figure advancing right, holding overturned cornucopia // VIRTVTI / DE VITIS HVMANIS / SERVANDIS / OPTIME MERITAE, male rescuing female from drowning in the ocean. Edge: Plain.


    Gem Mint State. Even brown surfaces, with a delightful matte nature. Includes original case of issue.


    The Scottish-American steel magnate and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, created the Carnegie Hero Fund in 1904 to honor and recognize citizens who performed acts of heroism and bravery in the United States. A few years later, he created a similar fund for other countries in Europe to serve a similar purpose. This piece, designed by Hans Frei, displays the elegant and soft beauty more commonly encountered in his numerous Swiss shooting medals.


    Upload: 1 June 2023.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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