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102460 | ITALY. Papal States. Pope Gregorius XVI silver Medal.

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    102460  |  ITALY. Papal States. Pope Gregorius XVI silver Medal. Issued Year VIII (1838). Inauguration of the renovations for the Pontifical Post Office building (43mm, 33.07 g, 12h). By C. Cerbara in Rome.


    GREGORIVS • XVI • P • M • AN • SACRI • PRINC • VIII, bust right, wearing mozzetta, stole, and decorative pallium // Façade of the Pontifical Post Office; in three lines in exergue, PORTICV • ERVTIS / SOLO • VEIENTI • COLVMNIS / EXTRVCTA. Edge: Plain.


    Bartolotti 838; Modesti 306; Rinaldi 33; Boccia 100. Choice Mint State. Extremely brilliant and lustrous, with some orange-amber toning on the obverse and intense iridescence, dominated by cobalt and magenta, on the reverse.


    The Palazzo Wedekind, located in the Piazza Colonna in Rome, is a structure initially constructed in 1659 upon a site originally occupied by the Temple of Marcus Aurelius. The Pontifical Post Office moved there in 1814, and the edifice was renovated during the papacy of Gregorius XVI. These renovations included a portico composed of twelve ancient columns excavated from the ruins of Veii. Later, the structure was purchased by the banker Karl Wedekind, for whom it is now named. It has since served as the historic offices of the newspaper, Il Tempo.


    Upload: 15 August 2023.


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