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102479 | GREAT BRITAIN. Colonial & Indian Reception: Guildhall bronze Medal.

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    102479  |  GREAT BRITAIN & INDIA. London. Colonial & Indian Reception: London Guildhall bronze Medal. Issued 1886. City of London series (77mm, 194.52 g, 12h). By Elkington & Co.


    TO COMMEMORATE THE COLONIAL & INDIAN RECEPTION AT THE GUILDHALL / • LONDON 1886 •, crowned coat-of-arms of Great Britain, with the colonial coats-of-arms of Australia, India, and Canada below; all over mantle, with spears crossed in saltire in the back and radiant Union Jack billowing above // Interior view of the Guildhall, from a vantage point just left of center; scepter and laurel branch in panel to left, sword and laurel branch in panel to right; civic coat-of-arms and ribbon with motto in exergue. Edge: Plain; thickness: 6mm.


    BHM 3214; Eimer 1726; Puddester 886.2; Taylor 185a. Gem Mint State. Deep brown surfaces, with an alluring matte nature and great lustrous brilliance. From a mintage of just 450 pieces, many of which exhibition scuffs, staining, and/or edge bruising. Compare to a similar example in Heritage auction 61308 (5 February 2023), lot 22094 (which realized a total of $1,560).


    Upload: 17 July 2023.

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