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102497 | GERMANY & FINLAND. "Economic" Treaty with Finland cast bronze Medal.

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    102497  |  GERMANY & FINLAND. "Economic" Treaty with Finland cast bronze Medal. Dated 1918. "Friede mit Finnland"—on the signing of the peace treaty between Germany and Finland (58mm, 55.60 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    FRIEDE MIT FINNLAND, two cornuacopiae crossed; all set over caduceus composed of winged serpents; olive branch below // 7 MÆRZ 1918, German eagle standing left upon ship; to left, dove, with olive branch in beak, flying left; personification of the sun in background to left. Edge: Plain.


    Kienast 207. Gem Mint State. Pleasing brown surfaces, with a great matte aspect.


    Ex Dr. van Osch "Pax in Nummis" Collection.


    Ex Baldwin's 75 (26 September 2012), lot 1934.


    Much like matters in Ukraine, Finland—dominated by Russia at the outset of World War I—saw the disintegrating internal affairs in Russia as a chance to break free. Entreaties were made to Germany in order to seek a formal recognition, with those attempts culminating in the Berlin Peace Treaty of March 1918. Finland garnered protection against both Russia and rising socialist sentiments from within, though it also had economic benefits to Germany through trade and it angered Entente Powers that had yet to recognize Finnish independence. Contrary to Ukraine, which has had to endure Russia's soviet specter for much of her history, Finland was able to remain free despite her own rather lengthy border with her former dominator. In light of Russia's more recent unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, countries previously neutral with respect to NATO, such as Sweden and Finland, have opted to seek entry into the bloc—an obvious backfire against the Kremlin's "master plan."


    Upload: 1 September 2023.

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